We help

Companion Support was founded by J. Fowler a cyber security researcher who has worked in the software and technology industry for over 15 years. Raised by his Grandparents in Virginia, he has always had a deep appreciation and love for the wisdom and patience of the older generation he grew up around. This feeling to help and protect older people from being victims of fraud is the foundation of what Companion Support is built on. Our team combines cyber security and technology experience with a human touch to provide support to the most vulnerable in our society.

In a given year, 1 in 18 older adults is victim to financial scams, fraud or abuse, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. That is a huge number that could and should be prevented, if only they had someone to investigate or warn them about the dangers. That is our goal and our mission to provide this service and protection.

In the old days if someone was trying to scam you or get your social security number they would have to knock on your door and look you in the eye and ask for cash or a check. You could simply tell them to get off your porch and close the door and the problem was solved. Times have changed and now banking, payments, and credit card payments can be done on the internet or over the phone making it easy for criminals to steal in real time. It is clear that technology has grown too big too fast and does not offer the safety and protection for older people.

Door to door scams do still happen but not nearly as often as they once did. These are scary times when someone can use computer software to fake a phone number so that it appears like the IRS is calling and threatening you with jail if you don’t pay. Technology allows someone in India, Russia, or anywhere in the world to claim they are your neighbor and need help.